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20:02 | August 7, 2017

Stuck on the idea

Sometimes I get stuck on the idea of being perfect. As if perfection would be the only way for life to figure it self out. If I was to be just as perfect as I could be, according to my visions, all my troubles would disappear. I would not ever have to explain my actions nor my words because they would already be so forgiven. I would not have to step back when being unsure of an argument because I would know that it would be just what was right. I would wake up in the morning with nothing pulling me back and I would go to bed at night with no anxiety in mind. I would be mean to boys since I already have their respect. And I would never compare myself to other pretty girls.

…. but then again, what makes perfect?

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11:29 | August 1, 2017

Summer dresses – color pop

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14:43 | July 30, 2017


Some favorites from the archives…

Jag sitter invirad i en filt på soffan här i lägenheten som Philip samtidigt packar ihop. Är lite seg efter gårdagens utgång och hemgång först vid 4 inatt. Mötte upp ett gäng tjejkompisar och gick ut och dansade på klubbarna i min hemstad. Sitter just nu och knappar på svaren till frågestunden del två innan det är dags för pizzakväll med mannen min. Mys-söndag!

// I’m all cuddled up in a blanket on the couch in the apartment that Philip is cleaning. I’m so tired from yesterdays night out and the fact that I got home at four tonight. I met up with some friends and went dancing at the clubs in my hometown. Right now I am also answering some of your questions part two before it’s time for pizznight with the man of my dreams.

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12:00 | July 18, 2017

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09:04 | July 18, 2017

Instagram lately

Medan jag tassar runt här på min minisemester så kan ju ni gå in och följa mig på instagram om ni inte redan gör det. Där uppdaterar jag betydligt flitigare än vad jag gör här 🙂 Puss haj!

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// While I’m strolling around here on my mini vacay I think you should go follow me on instagram if you don’t already. I update there much more often than I do here 🙂 Kisses!

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